Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Family Time Post Academia

I have a brilliant wife that surrounds herself with challenges that constantly challenge her intelligence. Math and spelling games seem to be a staple lately as Boogle is no longer a great challenge for her and Booger Get's an A on the WebKinz.com site is almost a breeze for her. Tonight she set another personal best with what she also would like to believe is a site record, though WebKinz.com no longer posts the highest score available.

What I love to see, though, is her continued passion for academia. Not only does she challenge herself with these fun, and almost addictive games, but she also pursues ways of unleashing her knowledge on the world through home employment. For the past several months she's been writing tech articles for a writer's group that feeds into eHow.com. She has of late become bored with the topics and has asked for something more appropriately, and translated differently, more challenging. She never ceases to amaze me with her zeal for challenges and learning.

My appreciation item for the day is my wife's passion for learning and self improvement, educationally. Keep at it "Momma!" Just wish I could keep up!
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