Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Strength Beyond Measure

Have you ever blinked and realized that the so much has happened since you last had your eyes open? That's kinda the way I feel with my oldest. It seems like just yesterday he was toddling around at 11pm at night, watching NBA games while I snoozed instead of taking care of him or putting him to bed: he was 1. Now he's a strapping, growing daily young man and he just keeps getting so strong.

The other day he was giving me a hug goodbye when he began to squeeze, and squeeze and wrenchingly squeeze. It became quite uncomfortable and I told him so. Now it's almost a daily "Squeeze Dad 'til He Pukes" opportunity for him. I think he wants to see just how much he can improve and test the boundaries of his super-adolescent strength. I'm amazed and how a very trim, 0% body fat young man has as much strength as he does but it's there.

Beyond the physical strength, I'm likewise impressed with the spiritual fortitude he has and displays daily. He is learning his scripture stories, lives most everything he is taught (he's not perfect and has shown a tendency to bend the truth or just simply not tell the whole truth) and is a great young man. He's grown from the trusting little toddler that relies on his parents for everything to a young man that is testing the waters for the right and seeing that he can obtain truth and use it wisely.

How do you measure strength? Empirically, I'm positive there are ways. Spiritually speaking, it's how close you come to the faith in which you adhere to and to hold to that faith when challenged. I think my son is definitely a strength immeasurable!
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