Monday, December 17, 2007

4 AM, 4th Day...Still Sick

OK, so despite the bravado of a previous post concerning my faith and the miracle of healing, I'm still sick. What I forget sometimes is the Lord has him own timetables and requires us to place our burden on Him. That doesn't mean he'll always immediately heal us. Does this sound like rationalizing? Some would probably argue that it does. All I know is I'm learning from this experience and in this case I've had some admonishment.

One such admonishment has been towards my oldest daughter and how I gave her a difficult time when she went through this same bit of sickness 2 weeks ago. Her coughing was relentless. When it was time to go to school she'd feel horrible and complain that she just couldn't do it. Yet within an hour of school starting she was up playing on the computer as though nothing was wrong. I'm not sure if I verbally accused her of faking (I probably did) but I certainly implied it and my body language was accusatory.

So here I am, 2 weeks later, day 4 of the full blown sickness (I think I've stopped barfing now), and I'm hacking my lungs up, have a horrible soar throat, bruised ribs, can't sleep, off and on fever and I'm so caught with remorse for the way I treated my daughter. I've told her of my sorrow and she's forgiven me (kids are so good that way). I can't help but see the parallelism in our two bouts with this nasty stuff.

So apparently a 24 hr flu was not what God had intended for me and despite my professed faith His will is always what matters. What I hope for at this point is the admonishment period is over and healing will begin.
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