Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Long Work Week, Time for Some Soccer

Yes, I know. It's only mid-week and I'm complaining about the length of the work week. This week has been a bit more challenging as I've been taking a self-guided tutorial on Test Driven Development (TDD). It was supposed to be at a leisurely pace with plenty of breaks. However, someone in the organization I work for (no naming names) decided to put a deadline on the course completion. As I've been supporting a project on 3 continents that is on a crash and burn deadline, not to mention my upcoming vacation time, I've been a bit remiss and hadn't even started the course until late last week. Catch up time!

The course has been a bit more challenging than I'd anticipated and between rushing through the material to keep pace with my projects and trying to complete the assignments, my performance has been less than stellar. In fact, the course has helped me feel like I'm college again, with evaluations online and responses from instructors. While I've gleaned a lot from the course, I've also learned that I have zero desire to return to school for continuing education.

So to break up the work week I'm blessed to have a soccer game tonight. Game #3 (yeah, I'm a little superstitious of last year's debacle and resultant knee blow out and I'll be taking it easy tonight) and a chance to keep our lead in our division. And to our advantage, the game is not a late one (last week was 11:30 PM) so I'll not be as exhausted tomorrow.

Just 2 more working days and I'm off for the rest of the year. Can it really be possible? Yeah me!
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