Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Piano Recital 2007

It was so fun going to my kids' piano recital this last Saturday. They played wonderful Christmas songs and it made me reminisce of my own childhood recitals. It's so strange to think that almost 30 years ago I started my plight to become a decent piano player.

So far we've had 3 of our kids take lessons and one give up. He was really talented and it came easy but I think we messed up by 1) starting him too late and 2) possibly pushing too hard. It's a shame because he really could have done well. I'm hoping that our middle two continue and eventually we'll add the youngest to the list of pianists.

I really appreciate my 9 years of lesson taking. How grateful I am for a dedicated mom that took me to lessons, encouraged me to practice, pushed me to perform and budgeted to expense the lessons. It's a cherished gift in my life and I think for my family as well. It's nice to sit down, play what I enjoy, accompany my family is spiritual and uplifting songs and bring that joy into the home.

The power of music is wonderful and the gift of a piano in our home is truly a blessing. I'm grateful for a wife that has encouraged our kids to take lessons, practice, perform and budgets to make it happen. I'm also grateful for a Grandma that has kickstarted lessons by paying for the first year. It's less of a gamble/burden on our part and it's been a blessing for us to see the kids take to something that we both love.
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