Thursday, December 13, 2007

Prayer of Faith: Epiphany Gained by Neighbor

The simple acts of faith were taught to me by my dear mother from the time I was a grade school student. Missing shoe? Say a prayer and look until you find it; usually it was in the same place that had been checked several times earlier. Today I had the choice experience of passing this same gift of faith on to our neighbor. The 8 year old came in crying that he had lost his favorite Lego Star Wars clone trooper and that he'd never be able to find it. I settled him down, talked through what may have happened and had an impression that I needed to explain the power of prayer.

Prayer is something that anyone can express at anytime. Sometimes it's vocal. Other times it may be expressed silently in one's heart. Whenever a prayer is said in faith, believing the Author and Finisher of our faith will answer the request, lives change.

After the neighbor prayed silently, I instructed him that he needed to do his part and search again for the toy. It was not feasible that God would allow us to sit around, doing nothing, while He works a miracle on our behalf. That is not faith. Faith requires effort on our part and the end result is our own salvation in Christ through His Grace.

I joined the young boy on his search for his prized possession and we retraced as much of his path as was possible. After having searched for the toy out near where he had been playing in the yard (not a little space mind you), we retired to the house and continued our search. His search became more intense and he did not even think to give up.

And then the moment of inspiration distilled upon him so clearly it was visible in his body language. As though being directed by the Spirit, he confidently walked over to his backpack that was on the floor near the front door, lifted it and beheld his toy. No explanation of how it ended up there was necessary but the pure joy of a prayer answered shown brightly on his face.

All he said in response was, "Huh, it really works!" Later he thanked me for sharing this tried and true method of petitioning the Lord for His help. "It really works!" Yes it does.
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