Thursday, December 06, 2007

Return to Indoor

I think I mentioned previously that I had returned to the indoor soccer scene last week. Our first game was a loss, 4-8 but it was good to get in there and overcome my fear that I wouldn't be able to compete again. An assist was all I came away with but it was a start. Well, it wasn't the only thing I came away with. For almost a week my knee has been aching and I felt like I had lost a few months worth of rehab.

But tonight I went out again, not 100%, but a little more than last week's showing (had to as we only had 2 subs). But things were a little different tonight. The other team had no subs and were tired most of the game. And who wouldn't be at the insane game start time of 11:30 PM. Yes, you correctly read it. Tonight I felt a little stronger, less pressured by the other team, played a little more physical and even put in a point, adding to the final score of 11-1 (mine wasn't the lone 1 in that score, yes we won).

Now, not to make it all sound like a bed of roses (and from where I'm sitting right now it doesn't smell that way either as I'm a sweaty mess), I did keep par with my injury sustained while playing indoor soccer past time. On a routine chest trap I misjudged the incoming ball. The ball was played too high, just under my chin. My jaw snapped up and I chipped 2 front teeth. One is an eye tooth and can filed down match the other one that was chipped years ago. The other is on the inside of a tooth and not visible. The blessing is neither hurt; no nerves appear to be exposed. Now this could be that I popped 4 advil prior to the game as my neck is a bit stiff and the anti-inflam may just be masking the nerve sensitivity, but I don't think so.

Despite this enamel loss, I'm still in good spirits, especially with having scored in my second game out, and I'm pain free. 2 games in and I'm doing better than last year already.
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