Friday, December 14, 2007

Sick: Missing Campout

Unfortunately I'm missing the boy scout campout tonight (my son's 2nd since he bridged) as I came down with some really funky flu. Wednesday night I could feel a little tension in my lungs but played a soccer match and didn't notice any issues. But by yesterday evening I was quite loopy and starting to feel the respiratory effects. I thought it would just be wheezing and coughing but dizziness took over along with a fever and chills. I crashed this afternoon for a couple of hours while I waited for others at work to complete their tasks so that I could finish my work prior to the Christmas vacation break. By the time I woke up I was in a fit of nausea and spent about 10 minutes praying to the porcelain god.

So here goes our son on his first winter campout, fatherless, and likely ill-equipped for the Texas cold (yeah, you guys in Wisconsin are probably laughing your head off). He'll be backpacking and camping without a campfire. It's raining here and is likely going to drop below freezing tonight. And I'll miss the adventure and will not be able to support him on the outing. I'm bummed. However, trying to camp with the flu and respiratory issues is like putting salt on a wound: not too comfy and you just wish the discomfort would go away.

So good luck to our scouts tonight! May their journey be safe, the camping fun, the feet dry and the stories a plenty.
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