Saturday, December 15, 2007

Worst is Over: Hopefully

Last night got pretty ugly for me. Not only was I barfing but I ran a good fever and was delusional. I tried sleeping in the afternoon and it just wasn't too restful. I retired to bed at 7:30 but had obsessive dreams for 3 hours only to awake to a splitting headache, fever and achy body. The flu is a sad reminder of our frail mortality.

After taking some more cough medicine and some Advil for the headache I slept pretty sound until 3:45 when our youngest got up and started crying (she had fallen asleep downstairs and was confused where she was). I kept sleeping until I awoke at 7:00 fully drenched from breaking the fever. I literally was soaked. My PJ shirt had a wet ring down to my stomach. The blankets and sheets were wet. Even my fingers were pruned.

The good news is the barfing/flu portion of the sickness is over. My strength is coming back and I feel a lot better. The only lingering sign of the sickness is the croup. I think that may just take some time to work it's way out.

Was this just a 24 hr flu thing? Dunno. I can say, though, that prayers were offered by my wife and children. I also had a priesthood blessing by worthy members of my ward for which I'm grateful they had the time and availability to come over and minister to me. I believe that through faith in Jesus He can take the frailties of mortality and comfort us. He can heal our ailings. Is that what happened last night? Some would argue in favor of the 24 hr flu hypothesis. Following the scientific method will resolve neither that hypothesis or the belief that Christ has healed me. However, I firmly believe that He did in fact heal me. It is Christ in whom I trust, not the lowliness of this human body that is corruptible, self-healing mind you, but frail. Faith is a wonderful thing and I praise God for having taken me from the clutches of a wrenching sickness.
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