Saturday, December 08, 2007

Getaway Got Away

So last night my wife and I got away on a "just us" night; no kids, no pets, no responsibility. She had suggested a couple of months ago just that we get away together and with some help from some gracious friends we did just that. The kids were shipped off to two homes of friends in our church and we made arrangements to have our dog let out in the morning by a neighbor.

We had a great dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at Southlake Town Square, sharing an orange chicken entre and avocado egg roll appetizer.

We skipped the cheesecake (not sure why as they make the best cheesecakes) and made our way to the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Irving, TX. We stayed at this hotel a couple of years ago and they have a fun package that includes a wonderful buffet breakfast in their restaurant, Trevi's. The funny thing about this stay is we were put in the very same suite as we had stayed in before. I joked that maybe we should put our initials in the headpost just in case we ever stay there again. We had intended on sleeping in but we could only make it to 6:45am (that's almost an hour more than usual so it's kind of sleeping in) and we had to get up. Breakfast was great this morning. But after eating we were ready to leave.

We made our way over to Grapevine Mills where we did a little more Christmas shopping for our kiddos. We picked the kids up and by noon we were treating them to lunch.

Upon our arrival back at home is when shock of our absence fully hit us. I knew something was amiss when our lab was whining curiously. I thought he may have just had to relieve himself. However, he would not leave the house and then I heard the faint, but distinct sound of dripping water. I've heard this sound before as our kitchen ceiling flooded from our upstair's bathtub. The sound was eerily similar.

When I reached the kitchen, my fears were confirmed but the damage was far worse than the former flood. Water was dripping through the ceiling near our oven, above our cabinets, onto the floor and next to canned lighting. My heart sunk. The kids just remember me saying, "Oh holy crap!"

Then I heard the running water up in the bathroom. Apparently our toilet tank has a metal flusher lever (the rod connected to the float that controls how much water is to fill the tank) corroded and snapped. The result was a level of water that wasn't being regulated and thus was spilling over onto the floor, into a crack in the tile and down into the kitchen ceiling.

So here is the damage after we punctured the ceiling to release the water.

While we had a very nice getaway, the irony is that things got away from us in our absence. I'm not sure we could have avoided the flood but definitely the amount that actually flooded.
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