Monday, December 10, 2007

Here We Come a Caroling

Tonight for Family Home Evening (FHE) we watched the LDS's production "Joy To the World" which covers the events of the Savior's birth put to music by the Tabernacle Choir with video vignettes from various church productions. With our neighbor's kids (our adopted sons lately) enjoying the DVD we had some brief discussions on who the baby in the film was with answers like, "That's the Baby Jesus" and responses like "Cool!" After we watched the film we delivered some goodies and at a few select homes we broke out into song, caroling as we delivered the goods.

Probably the best and most meaningful stop was at the home of the Larson's where Payton came to the door with his mommy and listened to us sing, grinning the whole time. What made it meaningful was for the kids (and parents) to see that their prayers were making a difference in an individual's life. Even our neighbor's kids have been praying for him, having never met the boy. Tonight was their first introduction to the power and results of prayer on behalf of others. I hope it made as much of an impact on them as it did on me.
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