Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Morning

Nothing like getting up early on an exciting and long day. Christmas Eve has to be one of the longest days of the year. Technically, according to the phases of the sun/moon, it's one of the shortest daylight days of the year falling just a couple days after winter solstice, but I digress. It's long because the kids are excited for tomorrow. It's long because the last minute wrappings and gift givings are still to be done. It's long because traditionally in our family a Christmas dinner is served this night which takes most of the day to make (though I can't complain because I sit back and just take in the waft of the good smell as my wife does the cooking). It's long because it takes forever to get the children to bed as they are anticipating a big payout in the morning from their wonderful behavior all year.

But it's one of my favorite days of the year.

This morning, after the discovery of inequality in gifts to the children, my wife got up early and made the final trek (which she swears it was the last time mid last week) to the local Wal-Mart to procure a final gift.

I took to the final folding of laundry and much to my disappoint I discovered that our precious, most beloved (can you sense the dripping sarcasm yet?) cat had urinated on our couch and some laundry. We just had to throw out a recliner because she had demolished it with her pee. The smell was so throat chokingly disgusting that we had to abandon it. Now she's struck a good couch. The cat must go! Timing is everything so we'll have to wait a couple of days and discreetly take her on a ride. But the little ankle biting, child tormenting cat is not worth the couple grand she's destroying in our home.

Hopefully the rest of the day will go a little more smooth. The house is basically ready for the big show. I'm feeling a little better, coughing deeply and infrequently, but still pumped full of drugs. The wife is coming down with something so we're a real pair. We're missing our invitation to our dear friend's home this afternoon for dinner as they have asthmatics in their family and bringing in a brochial virus would certainly be in poor taste.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and merry Christmas!
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