Sunday, December 16, 2007

Texas Winter in the Shadows

Winter only comes in spurts and moments here in northern Texas. Yes we did have a beautiful snow storm on Thanksgiving evening. But other than that, we've mostly been in the comfortable temperatures. Even today we're supposed to be a cozy 53 F. Waking up to the sun beaming through the shades was indicative of the warm weather to greet us today. Which is why I thought it strange that ice had built up in the half culde-sac in front of our house.

The rest of the neighborhood, as indicated by the picture, looks warm and cheery. But the angle of the sun and the position of our house blocks direct rays from hitting this portion of the street and has kept the ice frozen all morning. What a treat for the kids. Seems silly, but we really do have to look for winter where we can get it, even if that means in the shadows.
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