Thursday, December 13, 2007

Game 3 Completed, Still Kickin', Literally

So I did have some anxiety over game #3 as that was the tragic game last year that postponed my selfish soccer addiction by a year. But with game #3 completed, and a win of 9-6, I feel a little more relieved. I didn't play my best game as I'm still tentative on the field but I did take a shot on goal (missed to the left). With time I should gain some more confidence on the pitch and contribute a little more.

I have been gaining some insight into my exercise routine. I desperately need to work on sprints, along with the stretch runs. Without the sprints and quick turns I'm useless on the field. My hesitation is mainly the fear of stressing the knee. I need to overcome this off the field in order to perform better on. Something to work for during the week.
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