Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blogger Added Hover Ads?

Has anyone else noticed that blogger apparently introduced a feature that tags relevant key words with hover ads? While I think this is a great marketing feature and one that will enable Google to make money off of the product, the seemingly covert introduction of the feature is a bit suspect. Can I turn it off? Can I make it appear on all of my posts? Can I dictate my vendors for which I want represented on my blog so as not to introduce some conflicting messages in my posts?

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

Here are some key words that may generate the link (though it's all too possible I haven't properly figured the widget out yet).

Though much debated, Mitt Romney is the presidential candidate for the Republican party (Mitt Romney should now be an ad hover link).
John Edwards is likely the solid, more trusted Democratic nominee but he'll go down in the face off with Romney :)
Nintendo Wii is this year's hottest unavailable product (why don't parents plan ahead for these things rather than being scalped at ridiculous e-bay prices).
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